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Welcome to our third annual CAPE Con, a day-long celebration of comics, graphic novels, pop culture, and fandoms for all ages! Grab your swag bag and jump into the fun- you cannot miss this arts and culture extravaganza!

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CAPE Con Survey

We would love to hear your feedback about CAPE Con at Aurora Public Library District!  This information helps us create better events for you in the future.


CAPE Con: Artist Sketch-Off

Saturday, August 27
10 - 10:45 a.m.
Santori Library- Parker Garden & Virtual via Zoom

Check out these artists in action as they spontaneously draw your on-the-spot suggestions! This is high-energy creativity in action, and you don't want to miss it!

Participating artists include Tom Lichtenheld and Erika Swanson.

This program will be available in person and virtually via Zoom.

  Join us via Zoom here  

CAPE Con: Twitch Streaming Tips & Tricks

Saturday, August 27
11 - 11:45 a.m.
Santori Library - 125/ 126 & Virtual Via Zoom

Whether you’re working towards streaming stardom or just interested in Twitch as a hobby, this panel will help you take those first steps.

Have you been dreaming about streaming on Twitch but you’re not sure where to start? This panel will feature 3 local Twitch streamers who will share their experience, advice, tips, and tricks!

Our Twitch streamers will include:

Stacisaur aka Staci Sherman

  Join us via Zoom here  

CAPE Con: Game Design with Roblox

Saturday, August 27
12 - 12:45 p.m.
Santori Library - 224 & Virtual via Zoom

Join Roblox game designer ZolarKeth as he discusses the process behind creating Roblox games and shares his experiences working with the popular game-making platform!

Our guest speaker is Ethan Witt, better known on Roblox as ZolarKeth. Join him as he shares his experience with Roblox throughout the platform's history and his insights into game design and programming!

  Join us via Zoom here  

CAPE Con: LGBTQIA+ Representation in Comics Panel Discussion 

Saturday, August 27
1 - 1:45 p.m.
Santori Library - 125/126 & Virtual via Zoom

Join us to hear about how super fans, illustrators, and historians are experiencing and engaging with comics as forms of expression and representation.

Our panelists include comics historian Dr. Carol Tilley, writer and illustrator Stephanie Mided, and super-fan Pat Ryan. Together, they will discuss and explore LGBTQIA+ representation in comics past, present, and future.

This program will be available in person and virtually via Zoom. 

  Join us via Zoom here  

CAPE Con: Fandom-Themed Improv! 

Saturday, August 27
2 - 2:45 p.m.
Santori Library - 224 & Virtual via Zoom

Do you love comics AND laughing?! Join us for an hilarious, comic-themed, improv performance by a troupe of local actors- chime in with your suggestions to help steer the action!

Our improv performers include:

David Barron, Fred Fedewa, Matt Johnson, Raju Ben and Susie McCormick.

  Join us via Zoom here  

CAPE Con: Cosplay Meetup and Workshop 

Saturday, August 27
3 - 3:45 p.m.
Santori Library - 125/126

Come show off your favorite costume AND exchange cosplay tips and tricks with others, including veteran cosplayer and librarian Tess!

Veteran cosplayer and librarian Tess will provide guidance on getting started making your own cosplay! Topics may include:

  • How to choose the right fabric
  • How to find the right pattern
  • How to repurpose what you already own
  • Tips and tricks from Tess' 9 years of cosplay experience

Featured Guests

Dr. Carol Tilley

Dr. Carol Tilley is a comics historian, librarian, educator, and youth advocate. As a researcher, Tilley studies the social and cultural history of comics reading and readers. As a teacher, Tilley helps prepare future and current librarians to work with young people in school and public libraries. As a youth advocate, Tilley supports the rights of children and teens to read and explore the world of ideas freely.

David Barron

Dave Barron received his BA in Theatre and BFA from the Ringling Brothers Clown College where he trained to be a circus clown. David had the honor of spending a weekend learning improv from Del Close 37 years ago and has been studying and performing improv every week for the last 7 years.

Erika Swanson

Erika Swanson is an award-winning illustrator, comic artist, animator, and the creator of Bellossoms, a series about enchanted flowers blooming in new places. Watch her new animated show, Bellossoms: Full Bloom, now streaming on YouTube! 

Ethan Witt aka ZolarKeth

ZolarKeth is a Roblox game designer who has worked on some of Roblox's most popular games. He is the co-creator of Apocalypse Rising, as well as the developer of Urbis and Starscape. He was the recipient of Roblox's 2013 Game of the Year and Developer of the Year awards and worked at Roblox as an intern in summer 2015. 

Flannery Crump

Flannery Crump is representing the team of APLD Plays, the Aurora Public Library District's Twitch channel. She's new to streaming but is having lots of fun being very bad at video games! Her favorite types of games are chill games like Pokemon or Animal Crossing, but she'll mix it up with some high-octane Clustertruck now and then. APLD Plays currently streams a variety of games on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Fred Fedewa

Fred Fedwa has completed improv coursework at Second City, The Annoyance, iO Chicago and Westside Improv. He performs regularly at The Bit Theater in Aurora, IL. When he is not working on his performance, he can be found hiking the trails of the Morton Arboretum, Prairie Path and local forest preserves. 

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is an actor and playwright in the West suburbs. He’s currently working to bring the arts to schools without a program for theatre and is dedicated to bringing elements of improv into all he does. 

Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan is the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Adventurer," but he's also a pretty average husband, father, and comic book fan. Pat is a counselor for those with substance use disorders and loves comics like the old Marv Wolfman Teen Titans, as well as an array of indie titles like Y: the Last Man, the Goon, and Hellboy. Pat also loves the Universal Monster movies and all things Godzilla, as well as board games, D&D, or any reason to spend time with his friends and family.

Raju Ben

Raju Ben is an up-and-coming comedian, marking his stamp in the Chicago Improv community. He’s already a proud alumnus of Second City and IO Theatre. Random facts: He likes to brainstorm possible conversations whenever he attends events and gatherings. Before his performance, he wants to set the bar low, expect a flopped version so he can get it out of his system.


Staci Sherman aka Stacisaur

Staci Sherman is a variety Twitch streamer who began her journey streaming during the pandemic of 2019/2020. She has 2 cats, a degree in Film and Video, and a great community of amazing followers (the Stacisaur Squad).

Stephanie Mided

Stephanie Mided is a professional graphic novel artist and writer from Chicago who worked on last years “Martian Ghost Centaur” from Oni Press, and has her own original graphic novel series “Club Kick Out” coming out next year from Harper Alley. She identifies as bisexual and likes to work on projects that have a diverse range of characters across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. 


They're a loud, overexcited nerd who is here to be your older sibling.

Susie McCormick

Susie McCormick began creating alternate realities onstage through improv when she realized actual reality wasn’t that great and could use improvement. She is a graduate of the Annoyance Theater improv program,  is a member of One Group Mind at Comedy Clubhouse in Chicago and Incognito Mode Improv in Downers Grove, and has been the member of various improv teams throughout Chicagoland. She has also written and performed sketch comedy shows at Second City and Westside Improv in Wheaton.  

Tess Foral

Tess Foral is a hobbyist cosplayer who has been enjoying the craft for almost 10 years. She enjoys sewing her own cosplays, though making the decision about which cosplay to make can prove the most challenging part! She is mostly self-taught and enjoys sharing her experience with those who are just starting out their cosplay journey. She firmly believes that anyone can and should cosplay! 

Tom Lichtenheld

Tom Lichtenheld is a children’s book author and illustrator. He doodled his way through school, then worked as a sign painter, set designer, printer and advertising art director. After a successful career in advertising, he gradually made the switch to creating children’s books. Tom’s books – several of which are New York Times Best Sellers -- are acclaimed for their humor, expressive characters, and rich – sometimes hidden – detail. He’s known for creating books that appeal to children and adults alike, and his wide portfolio of books offers something for every age. Tom has collaborated with several authors including numerous books with Beth Ferry, the late Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and Sherri Duskey Rinker; as well as writing and illustrating his own creations. “The Umbrella Book,” his newest with Beth Ferry, will be released in the spring of 2023.